Research question

February 7, 2012

What is the average speed at which a female human being has run 26.2 miles?


Research the answer to this question using the Internet. Post your answer below and list your source or sources as well. On a sheet of paper answer the following questions to record your research process and strategy. This will be collected at the end of the period.

Research Survey Pretest

1. How did you begin your research? (What did you do first, second, third…?)

2. What search engine did you use to start your query ( google, yahoo,etc.)?

3. What key words did you use to narrow your search? Did your first search give you good results or did you try several different key words?

4. What sources or sources answered your question?

5. How do you know if an online source (webpage or article) is credible (trustworthy or reliable)?

6. Who was the author/sponsor of the website and what was the date the website was last updated?



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