PSA Project

March 13, 2012

Remember that we are in week 3 of our PSA Project. Last week you watched a few PSAs from the Ad Council Website and looked at the elements. Your project is to produce a PSA to convey a message that is important to others. Use eye-catching camera shots or visuals to make your message clear. Remember that a PSA is like a commercial, but you are persuading viewers to adopt your idea rather than buy your product.  You must  begin planning your PSA by choosing a topic, scripting  and storyboarding  your PSA before you shoot your movie scene. I have put some templates in the common I drive in the Arvizu folder under PSA project. Today you will locate the template titled:


Last week you should have completed step 1 which was to watch a PSA and and answer questions. Today you must begin step 2 which is choosing a topic and conducting some basic research to gather different perspectives on the issue, fact and statistics that you may use to inform your audience. Create 2-3 research questions on your issue that you would like to explore. Explore at least 2 online sources and take Cornell notes from them to answer.

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