Your poetry anthology is due next Friday, May 18th. No Late projects. Next week you will continue to work on the following components of the project. They must be typed or neatly handwritten.

1. Cover page- your anthology title, class period, teacher, due date and a symbol of your theme.

see my example:Cover Page

2. A table of contents of your anthology.

3. Poet study- a one page biography of a poet of one of your poems.  One of your sources should be No Google searches, however I am fine with WEBPATH EXPRESS on the OPAC. Take notes from your sources on the BIOGRAPHY NOTES template provided in class.


4. Your 10 theme related poems in order.

5. The poetry features chart-comparing and contrasting the features of 2 poems. Any of your 10.

Poetry anthology features chart

6. Your Afterword or journal entry- a one page reflection of what you learned about poetry/ yourself via this project.

7. Works cited page MLA format- a list of all the sources you used to create your anthology.

8.  A back cover- about you”the editor.”

9. A letter to the author of your favorite poem.


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