Welcome to our class blog! I am your 8th grade Reading/Language Arts  teacher. I  am from the small city of Nogales, Arizona 70 miles south of Tucson bordering the Mexican border.  I have taught in the Sunnyside School District for 6 years. For fun I like to watch scary movies, read and write, and love playing with my cats and dogs. I am definitely an animal person.

I have taught for more than a decade and was a teenager in the 80’s so that should give you a rough idea of how long  I have been around. Some of my proudest moments of my life include being the first member of my family to have graduated from college; earning a Bachelor’s degree in Education in 1996 and a Master’s degree in Language, Reading, and Culture in 2007 from the University of Arizona.

My life long dream is to write and be published. I  fall asleep while reading every night.  I have a great reverence for writers of  all backgrounds.  I love  Stephen King, Sandra Cisneros, and  Nicholas Sparks ( all writers). As  your  teacher this year, it is my charge to design learning experiences that will help you to see yourselves as writers and readers and  discover your own unique  voices. The ability to read fluently, think critically, and communicate your ideas to others in writing are the most valuable skills to prepare you for the 21st century.
 It is my goal to make learning as relevant as possible to life outside of our four classroom walls. I believe that books and stories are rehearsals for real life. I have found solace, courage and strength in the literary characters-invented and real. I want you to as well. I challenge you to fall in love, question, get mad, yells and curse, grieve, and cry all while reading a book. Only then will you truly discover the power of literature.
If you want to know more about me…just ask.


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