1.List the titles of the pages you will find in the menu on the homepage.


2. What are three important blogging rules to remember?


3. What is the title of AOW #13? Write a one sentence summary of the issue.


4. Explain how  is the link “Owl English”  may be helpful to a language arts student.

5. We will be reading “The Monkey’s Paw” from your 8th  grade Literature Anthology located in Unit 3. Identify the genre of this piece of literature, the author, and 3 interesting facts about author using “Classzone.” (If you don’t have an account yet, create one right now using your notes from last week).

6. Find the PREZI presentation on types of conflict. Identify the 5 types of conflict most commonly found in literature.

7. List 5 vocabulary terms that we are studying this quarter.

8. What is my class blog’s web address?

9. Explore the link titled “Teen Ink.” Summarize what you can find on this site.


10. Find the Monkey’s Paw Quiz and take it online.

11. Go to the link titled “Blog Forums” and register to be a user on Ms.Arvizu’s Forums. You need a real email account to do this.

12. If you have registered  on Ms. Arvizu’s Forum, find the topics under the  “My expectations” category and post a response showing you understand the blog expectations.

13.  Read the page titled “Meet your Teacher” and write down two things about me that you remember reading.

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