AIR Testing Platform Videos Now Available

ADE has posted three short MP4 videos regarding the AIR (American Institutes for Research) Testing Platform being used with AzMERIT. The videos are shorter than two minutes each and cover an introduction of the platform, downloading and installing the secure testing browser, and the test administrator interface.

The videos are available in the Technology Resources section of the AzMERIT portal.


AzMERIT Presentations

A three part AzMERIT presentation has been posted on under “General AzMERIT Information.”  This is was presented at the MEGA Conference general session on November 20, 2014 and is available as a PowerPoint and a narrated PowerPoint presentation.

  • Part I – From AIMS to AzMERIT (approx. 10 minutes)
  • Part II – What is AzMERIT (approx. 13 minutes)
  • Part III – Preparing for AzMERIT (approx. 11 minutes)

Test Delivery Update

Test Delivery

There are three AIR systems associated with the AzMERIT test. All three of these systems have components that are configurable to customize them for AzMERIT.

  • AzMERIT Portal – used to access the AzMERIT sample tests, the computer-based AzMERIT tests, test related resources, and the other two AIR systems.
  • Test Information Distribution Engine (TIDE) – the system that has the information about the districts, schools, and students expected to participate in AzMERIT. This is also the system used for ordering paper materials. This system is similar to PearsonAccess.
  • Test Delivery System (TDS) – the testing platform used to deliver the computer-based test.  TDS consists of the Test Administrator Interface and the Secure Browser, which is downloaded onto the computers students will use to take the computer-based AzMERIT.

The specifications for the AzMERIT Portal were finalized in mid-November and the website went live early this week.  Right now the content on the AzMERIT Portal is limited to various resources most of which are also posted on the AzMERIT web site.  The AzMERIT Sample Tests will be available in January. The AzMERIT Portal can be accessed directly at or by clicking on the AzMERIT Portal link on the AzMERIT webpage (


The specifications for TIDE and TDS are 90% complete and will be finalized within the next few days.  TIDE will be live in January.  TDS will be live in March when the online testing window opens.