AIMS Graduation Fact Sheet

AIMS Graduation Fact Sheet

The following information has been issued by the SUSD Curriculum Department on Wednesday, March 25th in order to provide some clarity as to the most recent changes regarding AIMS requirements as a condition of graduation.


AIMS HS Graduation Requirements

  • Students no longer need to meet the AIMS requirement in order to graduate and may be issued a diploma as 2015 graduates if they have satisfied all state credit requirements and any additional local requirements.


  • Please note that students affected by this policy change should be held to the current state minimum credit requirements, not the requirements that may have been in place the year they were initially scheduled to graduate (often referred to as cohort year).


  • Please see below for the current requirements for all students.
English 4 credits
Math 4 credits**(please see below)
Science 3 credits
Social Studies 3 credits
CTE/Fine Art 1 credit
Electives 7 credits
Total 22 credits







  • Un-enrolled Students: Students whose last enrollment was in a Sunnyside Unified School District High School but who are no longer enrolled in school and have questions regarding their graduation status should call 545-2063.


  • Diplomas: Diplomas are scheduled to be available at the SUSD District Office in the Curriculum and Instruction Department starting April 13, 2015.


  • Graduation Ceremony: All graduates are welcome to participate in the 2015 commencement ceremony.  Students who choose to walk in the 2015 graduation ceremony must contact the last high school they attended by March 30, 2015.  Schools will provide information on graduation ceremonies, event times, deadlines, and caps and gowns.
    • Desert View High School: 545-5101
    • Sunnyside High School: 545-5301
    • STAR Academic Center: 545-2301


  • Other Standardized Tests : Please note that this change does not affectAzMERIT, NCSC, AIMS Science, AIMS A Science, or AZELLA. All of these tests will still be administered as previously scheduled.  The civics test requirement for high school graduation scheduled to start in the 2016-2017 school year is also not affected.