Google Accounts Provisioned for K-2

All  SUSD students in grades K-2 have now been provisioned with Google user accounts via the district domain.

This will allow these students to more easily access district digital assessment and curriculum resources which use their Google accounts for authentication purposes (e.g. iReady, Springboard…etc).

Students should follow the standard directions for Clever authentication (linked here) to allow them to connect to sign-in services.

Although these K-2 students will have a Google account, some Google services such as Gmail and Chat will be disabled for these student accounts to insure online safety.  If you have a question concerning which Google services are enabled for K-2 students, you are encouraged to contact your site Instructional Technology Coach (ITC) or email the HelpDesk for clarification.

Math Benchmarks for Grades K-1

We are making a change to Kinder & 1st grade’s mathematics data processes. Traditionally, we have done semester or quarterly benchmarks for mathematics.

Through observation and feedback from many of you, we have come to the conclusion that the benchmarks were very time intensive in terms of administration and scoring.

In lieu of benchmarks this year, we are asking Kinder & 1st grade teachers to enter scores for each end of the unit assessments into SchoolNet (just as was done for the scores for the benchmarks in previous years).

While this is more data entry time, the impact on instructional time is negligible, since end of unit assessments are administered regardless.

This process will allow schools to have ongoing data talks regarding students’ learning and instructional practices, given the fact that most concepts are highlighted in several units throughout the school year.

For this to work, we will need scores entered into SchoolNet within a week of administering the end of unit assessment (for Unit 1, please enter them soon, as we are past that week point ☺).

No scores, means no ability to track data trends, which means we will need to reevaluate the benchmark process.

Attached in PDF are the directions for entering scores into SchoolNet.


The Unit 1 Kinder Test is called 15-16 Math End of Unit 1 Grade K. The Unit 1 1st Grade Test is called 15-16 Math End of Unit 1 Grade 1. Future tests will follow the same naming convention.

iREADY Teacher Log-Ins

We are happy to announce that the log-in problem impacting teachers connecting to iReady has been resolved.  Teacher should now be able to log-in to the iReady Dashboard using Clever Single Sign On.  Directions for teachers on how to use Clever can be found by clicking this link.

Please remember that teachers MUST be logged in to their district Google account ( in order to use this process.  Directions on how to log in to your district Google account can be found at this link.

RAPS 360 Testing Update


  • The RAPS 360 testing window has been extended to Friday, August 21.


Administrator Accounts

  • Everyone needing administrative access at your site will need to share the common “Administrator” user name and password.
  • Administrator passwords weren’t changed from last year unless requested.
  • If you need the Administrator password reset, please contact Hans at

Teacher Accounts

  • All teacher accounts were recreated for 2015-2016
  • The default teacher password is “Sunnyside12”. (case sensitive) Teachers should change their passwords when they first log on.
  • If a teacher has forgotten their password, a site leader with access to the Administrator role can look it up in MindPlay.

o   Management Tools/ Manage Teachers/ Edit/ Show Password

Student Accounts

  • Student rosters are managed for you. Please do not attempt to modify them because it will mess up the automation.
  • Please allow 2 days for PowerSchool changes to be reflected in the MindPlay Manager.
  • If new students don’t show on MindPlay after 2 days, contact the HelpDesk at .



Continue to Test Error

  • The glitch that allowed students to continue testing after completing the RAPS 360 Full Diagnostic has been fixed.

Technical Errors

  • If you experience a technical error, the fastest way to have it addressed is to immediately contact MindPlay Support at 520-888-1800. They should be able to immediately address the issue.
  • If you are still experiencing errors, please contact the HelpDesk at .

Administration Errors

  • If you experience an incident where a student needs to take another Full Diagnostic, please contact Hans at