Quarter 2 District Interim Assessments- Rostering Directions

It’s that time of year once again!  Holiday cheer, good will to all, and QUARTER 2 Assessments J   As you prepare your teachers to once again get ready roster and deliver these online assessments using the Illuminate system, please note the following updates…

  • You should take a few minutes to review with your staff the directions for rostering these assessments (linked here). This review should be completed by this Wednesday, December 2nd
  • The testing window for administering the Q2 Interim Assessments will run from Monday, December 7th until Wednesday, December 16th You can view these testing dates, as well as receive updates on testing logistics and policy by visiting the SUSD Assessment Blog (linked here).
  • All Q2 Assessments (ELA, Math, Algebra, and Geometry) will be available for teachers to begin rostering the morning of Wednesday, December 2nd.
  • Once your teachers have completed the rostering of the test, be sure to confirm that test security and passwords have been set by all teachers for the test. You can quickly confirm this by going to the Online Testing-Assessment Rosters Page (Administration -> Online Testing) and looking for the lock icon (see below) under the Password column.

  • Remind teachers that they should NEVER re-roster a test for a student once they have submitted their answers. Assessments should ONLY be reopened by a site testing administrator (e.g. ITC, PF, Data Mentor…etc.) as part of an authorized testing make-up session.  When completing make-ups for students, please record all student names on the Assessment Log (linked here)

As always, thanks again for your questions, feedback and attention to detail regarding this process.

Az Civics Testing Procedures- Grade 8

As we mentioned earlier this month, the window for your Eighth Grade Social Studies teachers to begin administering the Arizona Civics exam will open on November 30th, and will remain open until the start of the winter break on December 17th, 2015.

All district 8th grade students will be provided with in opportunity to pass the civics test at the end of Semester 1 each school year.  Those students who do NOT pass the test in grade 8 will be provided with several opportunities to retake the exam when they move on to grade 9.

This exam is a state issued test and as such, should be treated with the highest level of test security as it relates to its administration within your classrooms.  All testing procedures outlined as part of the AzMERIT Test should be followed, including…

  • Actively monitoring student screens during testing to insure that no outside browser tabs are opened during testing.
  • Having students store all cell phones and backpacks at the back of the classroom during testing.
  • Removing or covering up any posters or other instructional materials related to any Civics concepts covered within the test.
  • Verifying that all student tests have been either SUBMITTED or PAUSED by students prior to them leaving the testing environment.

Additional details concerning testing administration, accommodations, and procedures can be found on the SUSD District Assessment Page.

Thanks again for all of your efforts as we move through this first year of Civics testing and as always, please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.