Q2 Interims: Constructed Response Items

Just a quick reminder that all ELA Interims for Q2 have at least one or more constructed response questions which require grading.  You can find a complete list of all constructed response items for each grade level along with their respective cut scores by clicking on the link below.

15-16 Illuminate Interims Summary Q2 

Please remind teachers that all constructed response items within their grade level, Q2 ELA interim should be entered into Illuminate by no later than December 31st, 2015.

Illuminate- Student Passwords Rejecting

We have informed the engineers at Illuminate of what appears to be an isolated problem impacting a small number of random students attempting to access interims within Illuminate.

A very small percentage of students are getting an “invalid password” message, even when they are entering the correct password for a test.

A simple, short-term fix for this issue is to create a new testing roster JUST for that individual student (with all of the same settings as the original roster).  This should provide us with stop-gap solution while the engineers at Illuminate continue to investigate the problem.

Q2 Math Practice Test Available for Grades 3-5

In order to prepare your Elementary students for the Q2 Math Interim scheduled for next week, district math brain Maggie Hackett has created a practice assessment in Illuminate which can be used to help introduce students to the online tools which they will be asked to use as part of the Q2 Math Interim.

Teachers can find this practice test within the Illuminate dashboard under 15-16 Math Practice Interim Q2 Grade 3,4,5.  They can follow the standard directions shared earlier (at this link) for rostering this test  to their students prior to the scheduled Q2 interim.

While the questions are not necessarily on grade level, this test will allow students to familiarize themselves with the tools in use on the actual assessment next week.

3rd grade

Type Digits, multiple Choice, Type a division equation, select all that apply

4th Grade

Type digits, multiple choice, select all that apply

5th Grade

multiple choice, input digits (fractional answers), select all that apply, make a line plot

Math Interims- Online Tools

Now that all interims for Q2 have been posted, here’s a quick update/reminder regarding the rostering of Q2 Math Interims.  Please inform anyone who will be setting up Illuminate rosters for ANY math interim delivered to students in grades 7 and up that the Calculator should be enabled under the Online Testing-Tool Settings menu (see below).  These directions apply to all students taking the Math (Gr.7 or Gr. 8), Algebra or Geometry interims.

Again, these directions do NOT apply to interim tests delivered to students in grades 3-6.