Reviewing Assessment Data via Illuminate

As a reminder concerning our most recent Illuminate training from back in November 2015 (auld lang syne), here is a review of the steps to follow to access a report for your students regarding their Semester 1 performance for the following assessments…

  • ELA Interim (Q1 & Q2)
  • Math Interim (Q1 & Q2)
  • RAPS Benchmark (S1)
  • AZMerit ELA Score (2015)
  • AZMerit Math Score (2015)
  • iReady Math (2016)


From your Illuminate Dashboard, click on Reports and use the Assessment tag to locate the report Assessment Overview grades K-8


From the report dashboard you will be able to see all student assessment results for all students at your school.  You can sort each column by clicking on the arrow tabs for each column.  You can also export the results by clicking on the Excel icon (however, once you have exported the data to a spreadsheet, remember that the file will no longer be linked to current results).


If you would like to edit the report further, you will need to make a Duplicate of the report which will allow you to further edit the results.


Once you have created your own copy of the report, you will now have the ability to filter, add and remove columns for viewing in order to obtain the results you’re looking for.  The most effective way to streamline your report for example, is to click the Manage Columns filter and hide the information that you don’t need.

For additional information regarding how to Edit Custom Reports, remember to visit the Illuminate Education Reports Manual (linked here).

Our district curriculum team will be providing you and your instructional leaders with additional information regarding how best to analyze these data over the next couple of weeks but this simple overview should allow you to get started with your site level discussions.