2015-2016 Q3 Interim Assessment Response Selection Error

Some ELA Interim questions ask a student to select two or three sentences in their response but the system allows only one selection.

  • This has been identified on two Interim Assessments:
    • 4th Grade ELA Q3 Item #1
    • 5th Grade ELA Q3 Item #16
  • The issue is the question in the Illuminate Item Bank. An Illuminate help ticket has been submitted and we are awaiting a response.
  • Have the student select only one sentence and move on to the other questions.
  • Scoring will be adjusted to disregard those items.

Setting Restricted Browsing for Chromebook Testing

Teachers using Chromebooks for Illuminate Interim Assessments in their class should use the following steps via the Hapara Dashboard to lock down student browsers during testing.

Step 1: Open your Teacher Hapara Dashboard by going to http://teacherdashboard.com

Step2:  After selecting the appropriate class from your dashboard, click on the class roster which will be testing and then select the “Open Tabs” icon from the upper-right hand corner of the page (see below)…

Step 3:  Set the BOTH OF THE FOLLOWING Illuminate Student URL addresses into the shared link box and then click on the Focus Browsing tab…



Step 4:  Set the time limit by clicking on the clock icon and then click the Open Tabs button when you are ready to begin restricting student browsing.

REMEMBER:  Teachers MUST end the Focused Browsing sessions for all students before they are released to other classes at the end of the testing session if your time set above has not already expired.  Use the directions posted below to end a specific focused browsing session…

If you need to stop a Focused Browsing session before the expiry of the set period, you can do this by selecting the session required and clicking on the “Close Tabs” button or clicking on the Focused Browsing icon for that specific session:

  • Clicking on the “Close Tabs” button, closes the focused browsing tabs in the student browsers and allows them to start navigating to other sites and URLs
  • Clicking on the Focused Browsing icon, allows the students to start navigating to other sites and URLs (but does not close any tabs).

AIR Email for TIDE Dashboard Access

As we mentioned last week, all teachers should have received a confirmation email last Friday (2/12/16), which provided them with a password and directions concerning how to access their TIDE account with the http://azmeritportal.org/

If a teacher has either not received or accidentally deleted this email from AIR, please remind them that they can have this email RESENT to them by following the directions posted below…

1. Go to the AzMERIT login page at  https://az.sso.airast.org

2. Click on the red “Forgot Your Password” link on the page.

3. Enter your district email address and then click the blue NEXT button at the bottom of the page.

4. NOTE:  If you have previously established an account, you may be prompted to answer one of the security questions which you set up at that time.  Click “OK” when you have finished.

You should get the following message (see below) which confirms that your password credentials have been reset.

If the new password does not arrive via within 30 minutes, please submit a request to http://helpdesk.susd12.org 

Confirming Test Admin Status in TIDE

Thanks again for everyone who participated in our District AzMERIT Test Coordinator Training yesterday.  Just wanted to share some answers to the following questions which came up from yesterday’s session.

Pause Rules- We have confirmed the following concerning student pauses on the AzMERIT Assessment…

    • If an active student test is paused for 20 minutes or longer, the student will not be able to go back and change any answers from any previous test sections. They WILL however, be able to go back and fill in any questions which they have NOT answered.
    • If there is not activity within an open student test within 90 minutes,  a TIMEOUT warning message will appear. If the student doesn’t click OK within 30 seconds, they will be logged out and the test will automatically be paused.
    • ALL students test which have not been submitted at the end of the testing day will automatically be submitted when the system resets (generally between 5 and 7 p.m.).
  • Test Coordinator Accounts in TIDE- Teachers should begin receiving notification of their new AzMERIT/TIDE Account Password starting this afternoon (Friday 2/12). Accounts will be created for all teachers (grades 3-8) who currently have students rostered to them in PowerSchool, and for all MATH and ELA teachers in High School.
    • If you have any teachers who are NOT rostered in P.S. but will still need a Test Administrator Account please submit their name to http://helpdesk.susd12.org as soon as possible and we will set up the account manually.
    • Remember that all teachers MUST have completed the Test Administrator Certification course before the SAMPLE and AzMERIT tests can be administered. You will want to send a reminder out to your teachers AT LEAST 2-3 days before your scheduled staff training to make sure that teachers have received their new password.
    • You can check the account status of all Test Administrators at your site by following the steps posted below. Please note that All Test Administrator Certifications should be completed at upir site by no later than February 24th

Steps for Confirming Test Administrator Accounts

 STEP 1:  Go to http://azmeritportal.org/test-coordinators/ and click on the TIDE box.

STEP 2:  Click on the Manage Users option

Step 3:  Under Role select Test Administrator and select your School from the drop down menu.  Click on the blue Search button along the bottom of the page.



Step 4:  Scroll to the bottom of the page.  From here you should see a complete list of all active Test Administrator accounts at your school.  The TA Certified? Column will let you know if the user has completed the online certification.

Thanks again for you continued attention to these details and please let us know if you have any questions/concerns.

Welcome Back AzMERIT

The testing window for the AzMERIT state assessment will be returning again in April 2016.  In order to be prepared, here are a few things to keep in mind regarding this process.