Ben’s Bells Survey- Be Kind and Respond

Just a reminder to those of you who are completing the Ben’s Bells survey at your site;  students will be prompted to enter a Pioneer Number when they first access this survey to verify that they are from the correct site.  You can obtain your site’s Pioneer Number from your site coordinator (listed on the table below).  This information was provided via email last week by Jenny Winkler who is the Ben’s Bells outreach person.

Schools participating in Ben’s Bells evalaution Ben’s Bells Evaluation Contact Contact Email
Apollo Middle School Karen Sebring
Billy Lane Lauffer Middle School Kathleen Connor
Craycroft Elementary School Maria Felix-Holt
Drexel Elementary School Holly Baron
Elvira Elementary School Sara Logan
Gallego Basic Elementary School  Katherine  Weyker
Gallego Intermediate Fine Arts Kristin Carter
Los Niños Elementary School Christy Sandman
Rosemarie Rivera Elementary Scho Maria Kostin
Santa Clara Elementary School Cynthia Melendez
Sierra 2-8 School  Hans A. Raymond

Students can access the Ben’s Bells School Survey from the Sunnyside LEARN Home Page (see below).

Please remember that this is a DIFFERENT LINK from the SUSD Climate Survey which can also be found on the Sunnyside LEARN Page within the dropdown menu (see below).

Thanks for your help in collecting this valuable information from our teachers and students.

i-Ready and RAPS 360 Windows Open Today

The i-Ready and RAPS 360 windows open today and run through May 20. Both tests are being administered to all students in grades 2-8 as end-of-year measures.

Student School Climate Surveys will be administered at the same time as the RAPS 360 test. The surveys may be administered before or after RAPS 360 by following the appropriate links on LEARN. (as per directions in the emails sent out last week and currently on the assessment blog)

If there are any enrollment questions with either program, please contact the HelpDesk at

Student School Climate Survey Update for Elementary/Middle Schools

We’ve had the request to allow an option for sites to administer the Student School Climate Survey AFTER rather than before RAPS 360.

Can do…. (We wanted to give the option but were concerned it might be confusing.)

We’ll leave the RAPS 360 link in LEARN’s assessment dropdown active so students can go straight to RAPS 360.  Upon completing the benchmark, the student will need to go back to LEARN and select the survey. When s/he completes the survey, it will still take them to RAPS 360 but s/he can just exit.

This is a per class option so you don’t have to do it school-wide unless you’d like. Please ensure that students still take the survey if they do RAPS 360 first. (All survey results will be shared with the school, parents, and the Governing Board.)

Since the survey is anonymous, there is no way that we will be able to identify students or classes that did/did not participate; we can only provide a total count.

School Climate Surveys

It’s school climate survey time, again! Please see below for information that includes some changes from previous years.

Surveys will be available to:

  • Students grades K-2
  • Students grades 3-5
  • Students grades 6-12
  • Parents
  • Teachers
  • Staff

 General Information

  • The survey window begins Monday, May 2 and ends Friday, May 20.
  • (***NEW!***) All surveys will be conducted online this year, including grades K-2. No paper versions will be available.
  • With the exception of grades K-2, survey participants will be able to select English or Spanish to complete the survey.
  • Surveys will be anonymous.

Elementary/Middle School Students

  • (***NEW!***) To reduce the need for multiple computer sessions, students in grades K-8 will take the school climate survey before their end-of-year RAPS 360.
  • The survey will automatically take K-8 students to RAPS 360 at the end of the survey.
  • Survey links will be available on the LEARN page Monday, May 2.
  • The direct link to RAPS 360 on the LEARN page will disabled.

High School Students

  • Please select a time (school-wide)for students to be able to participate in the survey. (ECAP?)
  • Survey links will be available on the LEARN page Monday, May 2.
  • Posters with the survey link and QR code will be distributed to high schools.

Parent Surveys

  • Please encourage participation in your communications to parents.
  • Flyers with the parent survey’s link and QR code have been printed and should arrive at the sites by today to send home with students.
  • The parent survey link is currently available on the SUSD website.
  • A Parent Link message will be sent out with an invitation to participate in the survey.
  • Flyers and an opportunity to participate were provided at the District Parent Council.

Teacher/Staff Surveys

  • If at all possible, have teachers/staff complete the surveys during a common time such as collaboration or faculty meeting.
  • The Teacher/Staff survey links will be available on the LEARN page beginning Monday, May 2.