Civics Test- Grade 8 Reminder

The Fall Window for the 2016-17 Civics Test for students in Grade 8 will be opening on Monday, November 28th and will remain open through the end of Semester 1 (Thursday, December 22nd).  School will have the flexibility to schedule the civics test at any time during this four week window based on your scheduling needs.
You can click here for a review of the rules and testing proceedures regarding the AZ Civics Test which were implemented last year.  For those of you who are new to the process, here are some major points to remember…
*  ALL students in grade 8 should be provided with an opportunity to take the civics test during this window.  Passing the test with a score of 60% or better is a graduation requirement for students starting with the 2017 year cohort.
*  Students who pass the test with a score of 60% or better will NOT be required to take the test again.  Students who do not pass the test may take it as many times as needed during their high school enrollment in order to obtain the graduation requirement.
* Any student with a SPED flag status is exempt from the graduation requirement (although they should still be provided with the opportunity to take the test in grade 8).
* Both the practice test AS WELL AS the actual Civics test will be delivered via the Illuminate Testing System.  Practice tests are available to all grade 8 students right now.  When the actual test opens on November 28th, passwords will be shared daily to all Grade 8 Social Studies teachers, instructional coaches and administrators.
* Although sites are NOT REQUIRED to offer grade 8 students who do not pass a second opportunity to take the civics test during Semester 2, if your teachers elect to offer the test to students again during the second semester, a spring 2017 testing window will be available upon request following AzMERIT testing.
Please remember that this is state required test so the same test security measures which apply to AzMERIT should also be observed during civics testing.