Testing Status Reminder- Illuminate

As students work to complete their interim assessments, remember to remind them to NOT submit or close out of their test until they are completely finished.  If a student DOES submit their test, remember that teachers are able to reopen Illuminate Assessments on their own following the directions below…
1. From the testing dashboard, click on Online Testing
Inline image 1
2. From the online roster page, click on Students
Inline image 2
3.  Scroll down the list to see the status of the student test.  If the test needs to be reopened, click on the Actions button on the left side of the page (see below).
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Current elected representatives will remain on the test through the week of January 16th, 2017.  Following swearing in ceremonies on January 20th, questions will be revised to reflect all new state and national elected officials starting the week of January 23rd, 2017.

Duplicate item on 16-17 ELD Interim Q2 Stage III

There is duplicated item on 16-17 ELD Interim Q2 Stage III. (The AZELLA Stage III Sample Test for grades 3-5) Thank you to those who discovered the oversight and brought it to our attention.
Question W34 is a duplicate of W33 (Writing item #10 from the AZELLA Practice Test). The duplicate item could cause student responses to become offset by one item if students are transferring their responses from a printed answer document rather than entering directly into Illuminate.
When entering their responses into Illuminate, students should be directed to enter the same response for items W33 and W34 or they may leave W34 blank. We are looking to see what measures can be taken to rectify the error behind the scenes for students who have already taken the test.
Please contact Hans Schot, District Testing Coordinator if you have any questions. (545-2164 or hanss@susd12.org)

Inline image 1

This item is a duplicate of W33.

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ELA/ELD Interim Assessments

Below is a summary of the ELA/ELD Interim Assessments for the second quarter based on information from LAD, Curriculum & Instruction, and site feedback. We apologize for any confusion that may have been caused by the original information being distributed from multiple senders and hope that this will help clarify the process and expectations. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions.

Do all ELL students need to take the ELD Interims?

Pre-emergent, Emergent, and Basic level students should take the ELD Interims. It is optional for Intermediate level students, but highly encouraged to better prepare them for AZELLA Reassessment.

Which grades will be taking the ELD Interim instead of the ELA Interim?

ELL students in grades 3-11 should take the ELD Q2 Interim Assessments (AZELLA Practice Test). It is also available for 12th grade ELL students at the site’s discretion.

How do we identify our ELL students for the ELD Interims?

SEI, ILLP, and dual identified (SPED/ELL) students are considered ELL. Students who have been withdrawn from ELL by parent request are not considered ELL but are encouraged to participate in the ELD Interims since they will still take the AZELLA Reassessment in February.

LAD has been sending lists to the sites. If you have any questions regarding identified ELL students, please contact your LAD Specialist.

Do students taking the ELD Interims ALSO take the ELA Interims?

ELL students should take the ELD Interims. They may also take the ELA assessment at the site’s discretion.  

When do students take the ELA/ELD Interims?

ELD Interims should be administered before Winter Break. This will allow time to analyze the results for instructional decisions to prepare for AZELLA Reassessment in spring.

ELA Interims for grades 6-11 are administered before Winter Break and grades 3-5 test in January.

(A schedule is listed below and as an attachment. )

How are the ELA/ELD Interims administered?

ELA Interims are administered totally online through Illuminate. Because of the number of items that are online only and do not print, paper tests are not appropriate.

ELD Interims are administered using the paper AZELLA Practice books and students will enter their responses online through Illuminate. Students may mark their responses in the booklets or bubble sheets before transferring their responses or enter as they progress through the tests. (Unfortunately, we are not currently set up for scanning answer sheets.)

AZELLA Practice Tests for elementary grades should have already been delivered to the sites. Additional copies may be made at the site, if needed.

Middle and high schools received materials last year and may reuse them. Additional copies for middle and high schools may be downloaded using the ADE website link provided to them by Kristel Foster.

Do ELD Interims need to be administered with the same procedures as AZELLA Placement or Reassessment?

No. The ELD Interims do not need to be administered at the same level of security or timing as AZELLA Placement or Reassessment. The sub-tests for the ELD Interims (Listening, Reading, Writing) do not need to be administered during the same session/day.

Who may administer the ELD Interims?

Certified staff members and classified staff who are qualified to administer the AZELLA Placement or Reassessment may administer the ELD Interims.

Do all four portions of the ELD Interim Assessments(AZELLA Practice Test) need to be administered?

No. Students should be administered the Listening, Reading, and Writing portions of the AZELLA Practice Test, but the Speaking portion is optional.

Do booklets or bubble sheets need to be sent back to LAD or Assessment?

No. Student responses will be entered directly into Illuminate. Tests should be stored at the site until the end of the year and then destroyed.

Quarter 2 Interim Schedule
Inline image 2
Thanks for your patience. Please contact Hans Schot (hanss@susd12.org or ext. 2164) if you have additional questions.

Reviewing Civics Test Results

Although school sites do not have access to set rosters or enter scores on the AZ State Civics Exam due to security requirements,  teachers and instructional staff can still review student performance results in real time by following the steps posted below.

1. From the Illuminate Dashboard click on the Reports tab along the top of the page and select List Reports.
2. Search for the 2016-17 AZ Civics Exam Results (or just click on this link to go straight to the report)
3. To locate the names of students who need to retest (or who haven’t taken the test) click on the sort arrows at the top of the comprehensive percent correct column.  This will allow you to see students who have not completed the test (the column for these students will show up as blank).
The steps above can be used for BOTH classroom teachers as well as site administrators to quickly identify which students were absent, may have not have correctly submitted their test, or will need to retest at a later date.
Because of the test level security mentioned above, teachers and site administrators also do not have the ability to grade the one constructed response question on the test.  Students who score 59% on the test will have their scores reviewed at the end of each testing week and district office will send a notification to the site instructional coach notifying them of students whose correct response on the question has moved their score to passing.
Thanks to everyone for your hard work and support in preparing our students for this graduation requirement.

Filtering By Student Groups in Illuminate

As interim assessments approach once again, remember that you can sort your student data results in a variety of different ways by using the Student Groups function we viewing assessment results.

Student Groups functions can be set in two different ways.  First, there are student groups which have already been set at the district level that everyone can see.  These include…

  • ELL- SEI Students (Structured English Immersion)
  • ELL- FEP 1 (Fluent English Proficient- Level 1)
  • ELL- FEP 2 (Fluent English Proficient- Level 2)
  •  AVID Students
  • SUN Students
  • SPED Students

You can filter for these students when reviewing data by using the Filter option on the test overview page and selecting the appropriate Student Group from the list (see below).

Inline image 1

The second way you can utilize student groups is by creating your OWN groups to review data and follow up later.
For example, let’s say you want to keep tabs on how your students who did not do so well on an assessment are progressing.  All you need to do is follow the steps below…
1. Select your minimally proficient students by clicking on the Overall Performance band on the Overview page of the test.
Inline image 2
2. Click the blue, create custom report button along the bottom of the page.
3. Click the Advanced tab along the top of the page and select Create Student Group.   
4. Give the group an appropriate name so that you will know where they came from (e.g. 16-17 ELA Interim Q2- FFB).  
5. The final step is make sure that your Student Group is visible by checking “yes” and then saving the changes
Inline image 3
You can now track the progress of those specific Minimally Proficient students from one assessment to the next to see if they are making progress by following the same directions as those posted above.
To learn more about creating and managing student groups within Illuminate click on the Student Group Overview link posted here for lots of great ideas on reviewing differentiated data.