Out of District Civics Test Results

Starting in 2017, all graduating (non-SPED) students are required by Arizona State Law to pass the AZ Civics Exam with a score of 60% or better.  Students who have completed the civics test from any out of district school should have the results of their test printed on their transcripts.  These results will need to be manually entered into our testing database when the student enrolls by following the directions below

  1. Click on this link to go to the Assessment and enter results
  2. Locate the student name on the enrollment list. 
  3. Under Q1, enter P to designate that the student has passed.  If the out of district transcript has a testing date, enter it under the Date Taken field.  If there is not a date on the transcript, leave the date the same as the date entered .
  4. Remember to click the blue Save button along the bottom of the page when you are done.

Checking Civics Test Scores in Illuminate

From the Illuminate dashboard, click on the Reports tab at the top of the page.  

After clicking the Clear button, search for 2016-17 AZ Civics Exam Results + School Name and click on the report.  

The DEFAULT setting of this report is to show students who have NOT passed the CIVICS test and who are NOT SPED flagged (i.e. EXEMPT).   

To filter this report, click on the Filters link along the top of the page.  If you would like to see a list of students, for example, who have NOT taken the civics test at all, change the Civics Results field from “is less than” to “is empty”.

You can add additional filters (for grade level, counselor…etc) by clicking on the GREEN PLUS SYMBOL in the lower-right corner of the filters page and adding the filter you would like to see.

Creating Student Groups from Results

Once you have created a student filter list based on criteria (e.g. Re-Test, No Score…etc), you can then SAVE this list to follow up later by following the steps below…

  1. Click the Advanced tab along the top of the page and select, Create Student Group
  2. Give the group a name which you will recognized by including the DATE the data was pulled as well as the descriptor (e.g. “Civics Re-Tests, Gr. 12, Nov 14”)  
  3. Selecting “Yes” for the Visibility Group will allow you to pull up this list of students at any point you would like to check on their progress.
  4. Within ANY system report or assessment, you can view this list of students by selecting the Student Group option within the student filters (see below)…

Running Form Letters and Mailing Labels

Once you have selected the student list you would like to work with, you can insert all students into a preformatted form letter (click here for an example) to notify parents.

All you need to do is click on the Form Letter link along the top of the page and select Download as the option.  A form letter notification (in English and Spanish) will be automatically created for each student on the list.

You can also print mailing labels for each of the students on the list by clicking the Labels option and selecting Download.  Labels are formatted to print on the standard Avery 5160 Office Labels.