AzMERIT- All New FAQs!

Thanks to everyone who has already taking the time to complete your Test Administrator Certification  with your staff as well as those who have scheduled your practice test sessions.

Posted below are some Frequently Asked Questions which folks have been sharing to help make this process go a bit smoother.

  • Why are some teacher names not printing out on their Test Administrator Certification once they have completed the course?

A blank certificate does not necessarily mean that there was a problem with the TA Certification.  Checking the TIDE Dashboard status is the best way confirm that test administrator certification has been completed (these directions are outlined on slide #4 of the AzMERIT training deck linked here).

As long as you are seeing a in the TA Certification column in TIDE for that user, you can be sure that they’re good to go.

If a teacher completes the course and still is NOT showing up as completed in the TIDE dashboard, this could mean that the teacher either lost connection or had their session time out at some point during the course.  Please have the teacher run through the Test Administrator Certification again and remind them that if they have to step away from the course at any point during the training, they should be sure to PAUSE the course and refresh the page when they return.

If you have taken the steps posted above and teachers still are not appearing as TA Certified in the TIDE dashboard, please submit specific details (including teacher name, site name, browser used and specific time which the certification was completed) to  and we will follow up ASAP.

  • Is there a way to print out Student Test Tickets not just by teacher or by specific EOC Course, but by class period or section number?

Yes.  Although test tickets printed via the TIDE dashboard only sort by teacher or by EOC course, you can use the following steps to print test tickets based on PowerSchool rosters.

  1. Log in to your account and search for the section or period you would like to print.
  2. From the Class Roster page click on the Make Current Student Selection button along the bottom of the page.
  3. Under the Printing heading, select Print Mailing Labels option.
  4. Select AzMERIT Test Tickets from the drop down menu and then click the Submit button at the bottom of the page.

Tickets will list student names as well as the SAIS/Az ID number which will allow them to log in to their AzMERIT test.

  • Will students need headphones/earbuds for the AzMERIT test?

Just about all of the AzMERIT tests have some sort of audio element included in one or more of the questions.  For this reason, students will need to have a pair of earbuds or headphones on testing day.  Sites should remind students and parents that they are responsible for coming prepared on testing day with a simple and inexpensive pair of earbuds which can be obtained at most dollar stores.

For students who do not bring their own earbuds, sites can order up to 10% of your testable student enrollment by submitting a request to

As we mentioned in our AzMERIT Training Presentation materials, it is EXTREMELY important that teachers don’t simply guide students to the practice tests, but that test administrators take the time to LAUNCH the practice test via the AIR Secure Browser (as outlined in the directions linked above).   By replicating testing conditions as closely as possible during the practice sessions, you are much more likely to discover potential problems with student credentials, student log-in error, and test administrator dashboard errors.

For this reason, while at school students will only be able to access the AzMERIT practice test via the AIR Secure Browser.

  • What if the AIR Secure Browser is not launching on a student device?

Failure to launch the AIR Secure Browser on the day of testing is generally the result of one of TWO issues; either the student DEVICE is not correctly joined to the enterprise district domain OR the student ID is not correctly nested within the correct school unit in the Google directory.

If your IT Tech has already launched the secure browser at your site and students are still not getting the AIR Browser to launch when they restart their device, please have your IT Technician look into the problem ASAP.

  • If there is a problem with a student computer, can we give the AzMERIT test on paper?

No.  Unless your classroom has received a specific exemption from the District Testing Coordinator (Mr. Hans Schot) or a specific student has a previously established exemption within their IEP, all students are require to complete their AzMERIT testing using the online testing option ONLY.  This means that it is extremely important that student laptops are operational, charged, and on hand during testing days.

Please begin reminding your students now that they need to get their laptops repaired BEFORE the start of testing and make sure that your site has a plan in place to test students who may not have a device on hand when testing begins.

Thanks and as always, please be sure to let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Hans Schot (545-2164), Test administration practices, test improprieties

Frank McCormick (979-9648),  Technology issues

Bernadette Martin (545-2162), TIDE enrollment

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