Student Test Completion Report in AzMERIT

Please be aware that there are some slight changes this year to the process for reviewing student test completion rates TIDE.  

Tide dashboard makes it easy for site test coordinators to get a list of students who have not completed their grade-level or subject area tests by following the directions below…

  • Step 1: Chose What:  These fields allow you to select the name of the grade level or subject area test.
  • Step 2: Chose Who: Select the name of the school (if applicable).
  • Step 3: Get Specific:  Select the STATUS of the student by searching for students who have not completed (or have not started) the test you have selected.

NOTE:  The have not completed option is a good way to check to see if you still have students who have not submitted their tests at the completion of your scheduled testing session.  The have not started option should be used at the start of the day as any students still “in progress” will have already been automatically submitted at the close of the previous day.

Once the fields have been completed, you can click the Generate Report button to get a .pdf list of student names and I.D. numbers OR you can use the Export Report button to export an Excel File to view later.

Please be aware that during periods of high testing volume (such as during AzMERIT weeks), students data may take up to an hour (approximately 60 minutes) to reflect on the TIDE dashboard.

If student test results to progress status does not appear within 60 minutes of students completing their assessment, please submit details to to allow us to follow up.


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