AzMERIT Accommodation Clarifications

If a student is ELL or has an accommodation listed on the IEP, s/he automatically gets accommodations, right?

Not necessarily. ADE is explicit when they say, “no accommodation may be put in place for an AzMERIT test that is not already used regularly in the classroom.” (AzMERIT Testing Conditions, Tools and Accommodations Guidance, February 2017, p. 5) For example, if the student doesn’t have math items read to her/him during instruction or class tests, s/he shouldn’t have text-to-speech enabled for AzMERIT math. Because of this, there may be a significant reduction in the number of students actually receiving testing accommodations.

Who marks the accommodations in TIDE?

Unfortunately, the AzMERIT system does not allow us to import the accommodations so changes must be made individually for each student. Each site is responsible for entering the accommodations for students who will be using them during testing.

School level personnel must have the role of School Test Coordinator (STC) in order to make any changes to student information in TIDE, including accommodations. School leaders such as Principals, Asst. Principals, and AzMERIT Test Coordinators should already have this role assigned to them. Additional staff that are approved by the Principal may be given the STC role by requesting it through the Bernadette Martin ( or x2162).

Can a student’s accommodation settings be changed while the student is testing?

Changing a test setting in TIDE after the test starts does not update the student’s test setting if the same test setting is available in the TA Interface. In the case that a student has already started a test and needs a new setting, the student must log out, and then the TA can change the setting in the TA Interface when the student logs back in.

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