AzMERIT Study Item Activities in ELA Tests


ADE has responded about two issues that students may encounter during the ELA AzMERIT tests. We continue to dialog with them regarding math items.

From ADE:

These are related to our two studies. The first issue is the glossary study information page and the second is the passage survey. There really are only 18 items in that session for those students. They don’t take the field test items. Here is some general information about these that you can share with teachers:

We have two possible studies that students might encounter. These students are randomly selected and have the “custom” label in TIDE:

Activity 1: The Passage Survey: Students participating in this survey will receive a reading passage followed by a series of questions about interest level, fairness, and appropriateness. The Passage Survey is embedded in Reading tests in grades 3-8 and EOC. Students will see a message saying their test is completed at item # 18. They might see a question in the survey that mentions items 44-45 or 47-48. This refers to the item position from both parts of the ELA test; students can ignore the number and put in their response.

Activity 2: The Glossary Tool: Students who receive the glossary tool may encounter one or more test questions that contains a word that has been glossed. If the word has been glossed, then a glossary tool will be made available to the student so that they can see the definition of the word along with an audio clip that reads the definition aloud. Some students may encounter words that have an English glossary with audio, while other students may encounter words that have both an English and Spanish glossary with audio. Glossaries may be encountered in both math and reading tests in grades 3-8 and EOC.

We’ll keep you updated as information becomes available.

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