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Illuminate Staff Authentication Errors

We are receiving scattered reports as of about 20 minutes ago (Monday, October 2nd) of staff users not being able to log in to Illuminate using the Google Authentication.  Engineers at Illuminate are aware of the issue and are currently working to resolve the problem.

Please be aware that this error DOES NOT appear to be impacting student accounts at this point (only staff accounts).  

We realize that this is a critical time for Illuminate testing and we are currently working with the vendor to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

Thank-you for your patience.

Illuminate Service Update

Earlier this evening, Illuminate engineers posted the following update regarding the service issues from September 28th, 2017.

These service interruptions which slowed and disrupted access for some students throughout  should NOT have caused the loss of any student assessment data.

Providing an accurate and reliable assessment system for our teachers and students is of the utmost priority and we will continue to monitor Illuminate system service throughout the week to provide the most up to the minute information regarding any potential issues as they may arise.   We will also be working closely with the vendor to mitigate the possibility of these types of disruptions in the future.


Entering Constructed Response Scores into Illuminate

Some of the Illuminate ELA  Interim Assessments for Quarter 1 contain constructed response items that require students to type in a response that the system stores, but does not grade. In these cases, the teacher (or other test administrator) must manually enter the scores for only those items. The same process is used to enter scores for the ELD test.

You can click on the following link for a list of the constructed response items for each test.

17-18 SUSD Illuminate Interim Assessments Q1

In order to allow time to analyze the completed results of the Interims, constructed response scores should be entered no later than In-service/Records Day, Friday, October 6.

The link below is for a new set of directions to score and enter constructed response items in Illuminate.

Grading Constructed Response Items Online

Please forward these directions to any staff member who will be scoring the constructed response items within the test and as always, please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.

Illuminate Outage Resolved

Some users have reported errors related to rostering of tests in the Illuminate System.  The problem has been identified by  lluminate Engineers as being related to an error with the Linux OS.  Although the problem as of 9:30 am Wednesday (September 27th) has been identified and resolved, there is currently a back-log of testing requests on the Illuminate servers.  This is currently causing a delay in processing rostering requests which may extend for the next 1-2 hours.

Illuminate engineers are confident that the issue should be fully resolved by this afternoon.  For updates regarding this and other issues related to Illuminate, feel free to check their system update page at

17-18 Q1 Interims now available

Quarter 1 ELA, ELD, and Math Illuminate Interims are now available for rostering (scheduling). The testing window is scheduled to run September 27 through October 5.

For instructions/reminders on how to roster and administer the Interims, the SUSD District Assessments Blog is available at


To ensure test security, every Interim session in Illuminate MUST be scheduled appropriately and password protected. Passwords should not be something easily guessed by students such as the name of the teacher or class.


Beginning this school year, students will be able to use scratch paper for all AzMERIT tests. (Students were previously only allowed to use scratch paper during AzMERIT Math and Writing.) Because of the change, students will also be allowed to use scratch paper for all portions of the Interims.

Extended responses should be treated as on-demand writing, so please emphasize that using scratch paper during the ELA Interims should not serve as a rough draft for writing. It is to be used for notes, graphic organizers, and other ways for students to organize their thoughts prior entering responses.

Note the following regarding the ELD Interims

Quarter 1 ELD Interims will be administered online.

ELL students in AZELLA Stage III (grades 3-5), Stage IV (grades 6-8), and Stage V (grades 7-12) will be participating.

  • Roster ELD Interims according to grade level.
    • Grades 3-6
      • All ELL students who are in SEI classes andon ILLPs.
    • Grades 7-HS
      • OnlyELL students who in SEI classes.
    • Students in grades K-2 will not take the ELD Interims.
    • Parent withdrawn students will not take the ELD Interims.

Attached are documents to be used with the ELD Interims

  • Directions for administering the listening, reading, and writing
  • The booklet for administering the speaking test
  • Rubrics for scoring

Stage III ELD Speaking Interim Q1 Stage III Interim Q1 teacher_booklet Stage IV Q1ELD Interim_teacher_booklet Stage IV Q1Speaking_teacher_booklet Writing Rubric Stages III-V

Teachers may enter student writing scores after scoring the other tests.

Email Dr. Julia Lindberg ( or Kristel Foster ( for questions about the ELD Interims.

Don’t hesitate to contact Hans Schot, District Testing Coordinator if you have any questions or concerns. (

ELD Q1 open early

The District Testing Calendar has been adjusted to open the ELD Q1 interim assessments to be administered beginning September 9. This will remove the overlap for students taking both the ELD interim and the ELA interim assessments which are scheduled to take place September 27 – October 5.

17-18 Universal Screener Benchmark 1 Dates for Kindergarten

The Universal Screener (formerly RAPS 360) for kindergarten students is scheduled for next week (9/11 – 9/15). Results will be downloaded on 9/18 so that reports can be generated for the schools, district, and state.
Please have your kindergarten teachers refrain from testing early; class rosters and duplicate students are still being corrected in the MindPlay system. Students that test before Monday may have to repeat testing. 
MindPlay enrollments are updated each morning based on any changes in PowerSchool the previous school day. We expect that kindergarten enrollment and class rosters will be ready for review/printing tomorrow morning (9/7). REMEMBER..Do not enter, delete, or make any changes to student information/enrollments. Changes made at the site level will contaminate records and results at the student, class, grade, school, and district level.
If you identify any MindPlay enrollment issues, please contact the HelpDesk at
For other questions, please contact Hans Schot, District Testing Coordinator (

Universal Screener (previously RAPS 360) Update 8/31/17

Thanks for your patience and support with the first benchmark of the Universal Screener while we worked through glitches because of MindPlay’s transition to a new managing system. The window for testing grades 1-8 is now over. The window for kindergarten is scheduled for September 11-15. Please see below for updates.

School level Universal Screener reports are available in each school’s Google data folder. The “RAPS 360” folder has been renamed to “MindPlay” and contains reports and data files from last year and this year. Data for the 17-18 BM#1 report was pulled at the end of Monday, August 28 and will not be updated. Please contact Hans Schot, District Testing Coordinator ( if additional staff need access to your school’s data folder.
Makeup Testing
Students who did not participate in Benchmark #1 may still test. The results will not be added to the reports already in the school data folders, but they will be available in the MindPlay Legacy Reports.
Please remind all of your staff to refrain from adding/moving/editing/removing ANY MindPlay class or student records, including demonstration students. We are spending a significant amount of time cleaning up the system in an attempt to maintain data integrity and stay within the allotted number of student licenses.
The MindPlay Manager will not allow more than one user (teacher) to be assigned to a class so the teacher of record for that subject in PowerSchool is used. Setting a class to “Shared” opens the class to all users at the school which is not allowable. If other teachers need information regarding a student who is not assigned to them, they should ask the teacher of record or the school MindPlay coordinator.
Any requests for MindPlay changes should go through the HelpDesk.  Because the district testing window is closed except for makeup tests, any HelpDesk requests for MindPlay enrollment changes prior to August 28 will be closed. If needed, please submit a new request. The HelpDesk can be reached at
Unauthorized modifications will be deleted and the incident details reported to the District Testing Coordinator for follow-up with the building Principal. The user’s MindPlay access may be removed.