AzMERIT ELA & Math Reports Back Online

September 12, 2017 Posted by

After a redesign and data quality review, we are pleased to announce that both the Administrator and Teacher versions of the AzMERIT ELA & Math Reports have been re-added to the SUSD Data Wall (see links below). AzMERIT: ELA & Math AzMERIT: ELA & Math (Teacher View) These reports provide sites with an overview of how ALL of your students have done on both […]

Suspension & Expulsion Data Temporarily Unavailable

September 7, 2017 Posted by

Due to data integration issues related to Review 360 we will be removing information regarding Suspension and Expulsion data on the SUSD Data Wall.  Once these data integration issues have been addressed by Review 360 we will be returning these data to the SUSD Data Wall pending a quality review.

AzMERIT Math Data: Grades 9-12

September 1, 2017 Posted by
AzMERIT Math Data: Grades 9-12

Aggregate totals for Spring 2017 Math results for students in grades 9-12 can now be viewed in the AzMERIT Math Proficiency KPI tile on your data wall (see below). Please be aware that these results represent the students’ grade designation LAST YEAR (i.e. the school year the students took this test).  Students listed as grade “99” are […]

AzMERIT: ELA & Math Report Temporally Offline

August 25, 2017 Posted by

Due to some data integration and quality issues, we are temporally taking the following TWO reports offline until we can correct the reflected results… AzMERIT (ELA & Math)  AzMERIT- ELA & Math (Teacher View)  As soon as we have corrected and validated the information, we will return these reports for your use. We apologize for […]

AzMERIT Results: New Ways to View

August 20, 2017 Posted by
AzMERIT Results: New Ways to View

With folks reviewing AzMERIT results in advance of their 90 day plans, here are some brand new ways to access and view data results to identify variation in performance at your school. All of these reports can be found on your SUSD Data Wall under the Assessment collection. AzMERIT-Results By School Similar to the overview report which was shared […]

Data Wall Integration Back Online

August 17, 2017 Posted by

Current data from the PowerSchool Student Information System (SIS) has now been updated within the SUSD DataWall. This information should once again be synchronizing nightly between PowerSchool and the DataWall.   We recognized that the integrity and accuracy of these data is essential to functionality of our data reporting systems and for this reason, we will continue to […]

Data Wall Updates

August 16, 2017 Posted by

Please be aware that data on the KPI tiles as well as the deep dive reports are currently on hold.  According to our data wall host… “…Our team is still trying to understand why the dashboards are failing to refresh.” Their engineering team is currently working to understand why information from our Student Information System […]

Data Wall- Staff Training Resources

July 18, 2017 Posted by

The SUSD Data Wall is designed to be your source for instructional and school data as you work with your networked improvement committees to impact student learning. As school leaders plan on how to introduce the SUSD Data Wall resources to your instructional staff, remember to consider the following questions… When to present to staff? Who is your audience? Which resources […]

2016-17 AzMERIT Data is Here!

July 17, 2017 Posted by
2016-17 AzMERIT Data is Here!

The Arizona Department of Education has now officially unencumbered its AzMERIT assessment data from the 2016-17 school year and these results can now be viewed within your SUSD Data Wall (linked here). There are currently TWO ways to get a look at your student’s results from the AzMERIT exam.  First, you can check out ELA & Math performance overviews within your KPI Tiles (linked here).  These […]

Teacher Data Wall Beta Test

April 28, 2017 Posted by

The SUSD Beta Wall seeks to provide teachers and instructional leaders with the critical information which will allow them to make the best instructional decision based on metrics of teaching and learning.  Although a full version of the teacher dashboard is still in BETA TEST mode, teachers who are interested in getting an early look can sign […]