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Grade Summary Reports

Posted by on Thursday, 12 January, 2017

The Grade Summary Report will allow users to gather grade data at the school, course, teacher, and program level, all on one convenient dashboard.   To begin to explore the various data views within the report, select the appropriate tab along the top of the page to get started.

  • Pie Chart- This will provide you with a complete grade distribution overview for all stored grades, filterable by school year, term, content area, and for district level users school.  PLEASE NOTE that these grade results are ONLY for traditional stored grades and do NOT include Standards Based Grades recorded for K-5.  Standards Based grade distribution reports will be made available within a future report.
  • Course List- By applying the appropriate filters, users can see a complete grade distribution report by both student count and percentage for every course offered within a particular school.  You also have the ability sort column results by value by clicking the SORT icons within the headers (see below). 
  • Grades by Teacher-  This tab provides grade distribution information by term for each teacher of record at your site.  For high schools, you may need to select BOTH your upper school and freshman academy schools from the drop down menu to view all of your teachers (see below).  PLEASE NOTE that ONLY the teacher of record grade results (and not co-teachers) will be displayed within the table.  
  • Students with “F”-  Filtered reports within this page will list all students who received a failing grade during the selected grading term.  You can filter for the number of failing grades by clicking on the Count of GradeName slider on the right side of the table.  To identify specifically WHICH courses each student has failed, click on the grade totals and then select the view data icon.  By selecting the Full Data option, you will see a complete list of all classes which the student has failed during that term.
  • SPED and ELL Counts- From this dashboard you can view enrollment counts for each institution for all of your instructional flag programs including SPED, IFEP, and SEI.  You can find SPED counts on the left side of the page and counts for ELL programs on the right.