This year we have migrated all students accounts to a cloud based storage “Google Drive”.  This will:

  • ensure that students have access to their documents at all times whether connected to the Internet or not
  • is integrated into for direct and easy access for students from their LEARN courses
  • provide an abundance of storage space for students. 5GB of storage is allocated to each student which is much more than was available in the past and will free-up the local storage which is allocated to teachers. Therefore teachers will benefit by being able to have a large allocation of storage as a result
  • provides several layers of redundancy and security of the documents stored within the Google Drive


Instructions for Activating Google Drive for Students

This video depicts the steps below:

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Please review the video above and follow the steps below. If you need any assistance contact your TTF or the IT HelpDesk.

Perform the following steps on the student’s assigned laptop:

  1. Launch Google Drive from All Programs -> Google Drive -> Google Drive
  2. Click the “Learn More” link on the lower left of the Google Drive window
  3. Students will sign in with their SUSD email address e.g. <username>
  4. They will be prompted to enter a CAPTCHA, once entered they will agree to the terms presented.
  5. Once signed in select the button on upper right “Get Started with 5GB Free”
  6. When you see the “Welcome to Google Drive” message relaunch the Google Drive application from the “All Programs” menu
  7. Have the student sign in (again using their email address e.g. <username> This will link their laptop to their Google Drive.

Once these steps have been completed the Google Drive will be accessible from the taskbar as well as their H: drive. Students can also visit their Google Drive via the web interface at .  These drives wll remain in sync and will not require Internet access for the students to access their cloud files. Once reconnected any changes will be synchronized to their cloud storage.