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Bandwidth-related upgrade scheduled for 5:00pm on Thursday, November 29

As an update to the post below, at 5pm on Thurday, Nov. 29, we will cut-over to an upgraded firewall as a step towards improving the Internet bandwidth issues being faced. This cut-over will be momentary and will impact Internet connectivity for less that a few seconds. No other services will be affected. As a result of […]

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Promising Developments in Bandwidth Issues

While the District is realizing benefit from the bandwidth upgrade and the new management hardware, we have exposed a new bottleneck — our content filter, “Websense”. In the process of reengineering the network to optimize Internet bandwidth we identified that the Websense system responsiveness for the volume of URL requests had emerged as a limiting factor at slightly […]

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Continued Bandwidth Struggles

Looking at our bandwidth trends we are averaging about 280+ Mbps utilized district wide and spikes at over 350. We are no longer hitting the 200Mbps ceiling we were hitting until last week. So we have more headroom but as is clear in multiple reports from our District Tech Coaches we are still seeing local […]

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Activation of new Bandwidth Management Hardware

On Thursday, 11/8/12, the new bandwidth management device was installed and activated. This device allows for prioritization of essential traffic. It is also used to ensure compliance and mitigate issues of inappropriate/malicious network activity. Due to a hardware capacity limitation, the previous device was limited to 200Mbps of shaping. With our ISP upgrade to 500Mbps […]

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