As a follow-up to the previous post we have closely monitored the bandwidth utilization for the week following the firewall upgrade described in the post below. The following graphs display the daily utilization for the 7 days following the upgrade which occurred on the evening of 11/29:


The district is now averaging over 400Mpbs continuous average–an increase of approximately 140Mbps average utilization daily. There are two significant conclusions we can reach from this analysis:

  • The district now has adequate “headroom”  i.e. we are no longer continuously saturating the available allocation which results in immediate capacity to meet demand
  • There is no longer a dip in network efficiency as is evident in the bottom graph. This results in a significant improvements in performance especially for latency-sensitive web applications. This is the primary reason for reported improved performance in applications such as Reading Plus.

While we will not declare that all issues are resolved and we will continue to monitor this closely we can conclude that overall performance will be improved based on the gathered data. Furthermore, we are no longer hardware-limited and can provide further increases as our needs grow without any hardware upgrades such as what we just completed.

Please report any issues to the HelpDesk. Thank you for your attention and assistance.