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Problems with Google DRIVE Update

The most recent version of Google Chrome (version 37.0.2062.124 m) is creating problems with certain teacher/staff devices.  Certain users are getting the following blank screen when attempting to share documents (see below).   The problem is specific to the device.  If you have a teacher who is experiencing this issue, they can use another browser such […]

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Dell Projector Security

In order to prevent students from having the ability to turn off classroom projectors during instruction, please follow the directions listed below in order to secure the settings via the web. STEP 1:  Type in the I.P. Address for the projector in to the URL box in your browser.      STEP 2:  Click on the […]

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Student Password Changes

In situations where you need to reset a student password (e.g. security concerns, spamming…etc.) please remember that the new password must be changed BOTH in the student’s Google account as well as in the Active Directory in order to keep the password from reverting back. Although ITCs have permissions to change passwords in Google but […]

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Internet Connectivity Issues – Afternoon of 9/25/14 – UPDATE

We are currently experiencing sporadic network connectivity issues to the Internet. Internal resources (PowerSchool, email, etc.) are responding normally.   We have identified the issue as occurring within our service provider network and are working with their engineers to resolve as quickly as possible.   We will keep this post updated so please check back […]

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Possible sporadic network outages Tuesday evening, 7pm to 9pm, 9/16/2014

Please be advised that there may be sporadic network outages that occur between 7PM and 9PM on Tuesday, 9/16/14. The outage will affect only external network services (Internet, inbound access to PowerSchool, email ,etc.) We will make every effort to minimize any adverse effects this may cause and restore as quickly as possible. We apologize for the late […]

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RESOLVED: Schoolnet Assessment Defect – Scramble Questions Functionality

We are pleased to announce that the defect regarding online assessment administration that could result in the loss of student responses (Tech Note sent on 9/8/2014) has been resolved. A fix has been applied and you should no longer experience this issue. The Pearson Schoolnet Team

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PEP Grant Equipment Delivery

Please be aware that all school sites will be receiving the following items within the next couple of days as part of a district PEP Grant.  These items will be delivered to the ITCs to sign for by John Crosby (warehouse driver).  These items will be used by both your P.E. Teachers and student S.W.A.T. […]

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SchoolNET Assessment Builder Bug

Schoolnet Assessment Defect – Scramble Questions Functionality Please be advised that we have discovered a serious defect regarding online assessment administration that may result in the loss of student responses. This affects Schoolnet v16.0 and higher. At this time, please refrain from using the scramble questions functionality for assessments that leverage the following items types: […]

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Sunnyside LEARN will be down on Saturday, September 6th.

In order to increase the capacity of our database server, the Sunnyside LEARN System  will be off line on Saturday, September 6th from approximately 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. (PST).  Once the server is back on line our site will have the increased capacity to allow faster performance and accommodate more load. It is our goal to keep you […]

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Google SPAM alert

Over the previous couple of weeks, we have had several dozen incidents within the district of student email spamming via our district Gmail accounts.  Based on the pattern of emails, it’s pretty clear that these messages are not coming from the students themselves, but rather from a “spam bot” or similar malicious software program.   […]

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