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Phishing Scams

Recently, some district staff members have received emails which are claiming to be from “helpdesk” which ask them to update their email by clicking on a hyperlink within the body of the email.  This is a typical phishing scam which are tactics used by criminals to collect sensitive user data and information. Please remind your staff that […]

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LAN School Screen Broadcast

This morning at around 8:30 a.m. there was an incident which impacted many student laptops in the high schools.  During this incident a teacher screen was broadcast via the LAN School monitoring software which showed the teacher’s Skype screen as well as several other notifications specific to that staff member’s desktop. Although the SUSD I.T. […]

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Student grade data from Summer School

Please be aware that if you need to check specific grade and enrollment in formation from the Summer School server (2014), you should enter a ticket via https://helpdesk.susd12.org/helpdesk.aspx and include PowerSchool under the issue type.  You will need to provide us with the specific student name, student number, and course you are looking for within the “Problem” box.

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iReady Chromebooks

Each of the following Elementary Schools will be receiving an additional 25 Samsung Chromebooks which will be distributed to your I.T. Tech at their meeting on Thursday, February 19th. Drexel Elvira Esperanza Gallego Liberty Los Ninos Mission Manor Rivera Santa Clara Sierra Summit View These devices have been paid for using Title 1 Funds EXPRESSLY FOR THE […]

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Parent Link Issues- Corrected

The data issues affecting the rosters in the ParentLink Teacher Reach program appear to have been resolved. Please check to confirm your full rosters are restored and notify us at parentlinktechsupport@susd12.org if you encounter any issues.   Thank you for your patience and assistance.   Sincerely, SUSD IT Dept

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Parent Link Errors

We have received numerous reports from teachers regarding data inaccuracies involving class rosters within Teacher Reach. The SUSD IT Department has confirmed that the data we are sending to ParentLink is 100% accurate – according to PowerSchool. We have reported these issues to ParentLink with numerous examples.  ParentLink has acknowledged these issues and has their […]

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Request for Name Change

Please be aware when submitting staff requests for a name change in PowerSchool, email, or Google Accounts, that as per AZ State Law teacher names within district student information systems MUST match the name which is on record for your teacher certificate with the state. If a teacher wishes to change their name in the system, […]

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Wi-Fi Connectivity Issues today 02/12/15

We are aware experiencing sporadic Wi-Fi connectivity issues. If you or your colleagues experience this issue please review this post and check back periodically for updates.   WORK-AROUND As a workaround, contact your site tech to assist with making the following change to your Wi-Fi configuration for SUSDNET:   Control Panel -> Network and Internet -> Manage […]

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Disposal of Equiptment

As you identify technology equipment within your site which is no longer functioning, useful, or repairable, please remember that you will need to follow the established district process for removing these items from inventory before they can leave your site. Because all district equipment was purchased using state funds, there are strict laws in place […]

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Reminder Concerning Progress Reports (Grade 6)

Please remember that just like the report cards, there are TWO DIFFERENT progress report templates in PowerSchool for sixth grade teachers depending on whether they teach at an elementary school or a middle school. Sixth-grade teachers at ELEMENTARY should print the PowerSchool report titled “Student Progress Report Gr. 6” Middle schools should print out the […]

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