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Google Storage Migration is Coming

Between now and the spring break holiday (starting March 21st, 2016) our district techs will be working to transition all teacher/staff storage on your device from our internal servers (i.e. your H: Drive Network) to Google DRIVE. Some of the immediate advantages user within our SUSD network will see in migrating this storage are…  Increased Storage Capacity: […]

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Parents: Watch out for PowerSchool gradebook “hack”

Some district students have been sharing out the information on the video linked here which explains how to “change” student grades via the online dashboard of PowerSchool. The video shows users how to exploit the JavaScript developer within Google Chrome alter the code for the page which displays the students’ grade.  A couple of very […]

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Cox Internet Outage

At approximately 9:20 this morning the SUSD network began to experiencing an Internet outage. All internal services (email, PowerSchool, etc.) are fully functional and available. Only external resources are affected.  IT staff is working with our ISP to repair the issue as quickly as possible. We will send out an update once the issue is […]

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