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Student Tech Internships- Summer 2016

Are you an SUSD student, 16 or older, and like working with computers?  The Sunnyside Summer I.T. Internship Program  provides students with a unique opportunity to gain real world experience working within the rapidly growing field of computer information systems while also earning elective credit during the summer. During previous years, we have had students translate […]

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Gradebook Launch Error

Teachers, If you experience any difficulty launching the PowerTeacher gradebook use the following work-around to access your graebook: Use the “Launch” link that the arrow points to below — do not use the “New Gradebook Launch” button. Full functionality of both launch methods will be restored shortly. In the meantime, the method above will provide […]

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Sunnyside Meet Yourself- A Celebration of Community and Innovative Learning

Sunnyside Meet Yourself- Wednesday, April 27th, 2016 The Sunnyside Meet Yourself event is a unique celebration which brings together activists and creators in our community with students and teachers who are engaging in innovative, project based learning in their classroom. Last year we had over 600 community participants see some of the amazing work which is going […]

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Report Card Printing Window- Q3, 2016

In order to avoid potential problems related to printing Quarter 3 Report Cards we have established the following finalization and printing timelines for running report cards at the Elementary/Middle Schools.  By making sure that report card runs are staggered appropriately, we can better insure that there is no crossover of data between the respective schools. The window for […]

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AIR/AzMERIT Secure Browser Update

The problem which was reported yesterday (March 9th) concerning the AIR/AzMERIT Secure Browser on Chromebooks has now been resolved with an update to the user policy in Chrome.  Sites are now, again free to launch the AIR Secure Browser for Sample testing by following the directions linked here. If students are continuing to experience connection […]

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We are currently experiencing a problem related to launching the AIR Browser in Kiosk mode which is causing the Chromebooks to dis guard user-based wi-fi permissions.  We are currently working on a fix and ask that, for the short-term, you avoid activating the AIR Secure Browser on your Chromebooks. We will provide you with an […]

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Student Report Card Grades: Q3

Please note the following information regarding entering report card grades for Semester 2/Quarter 3 of the 2015-16 school year.  REMEMBER that the process for entering final, standards grades for K-5 teachers has changed.  See notes below for details. Middle School:  All nine week grades for middle school courses for SEMESTER 2 must be entered in to the PowerTeacher […]

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Hapara Highlights Outage Addressed

For those of you who have been experiencing problems connecting to the Hapara Highlights dashboard, developers at Hapara have acknowledged that the problem, which was caused by the failure of a third-party application, has now been addressed. REMEMBER when using the targeted browsing function in Highlights for a site like Illuminate which requires students to log-in or authenticate, […]

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RAPS 360 Testing- Update

According to the developers at MindPlay/RAPS360, the split-screen error which impacted some students has now been resolved and they have released the following statement… “We apologize for the inconventience and appreciate your vigilance.  It is always our intent for the QA team to catch issues before students do and we will work hard to improve […]

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RAPS 360 Testing- Screen Error

The developers at MindPlay (the company who supports RAPS 360 testing) have informed us that they are aware of a current problem which is causing some students who are accessing the test on Chromebooks to only see the test pages as “half-screen”. According to the MindPlay developers “this is a known issue that has happened just recently (likely last […]

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