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Summer School 2016- Registration, Attendance, and Gradebook

Please be aware of the following changes in PowerSchool which impacts students enrolled in ALL Summer School Programs for 2016. Registration and Enrollments:  All student registration and scheduling changes will be handled by the SUSD IT Department this year.  If sites need a student either registered, dropped or rescheduled, they should submit this information to HelpDesk at http://helpdesk.susd12.org   Please remember to include the student […]

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PowerTeacher Pro is Coming Soon!

PowerTeacher Pro is the next generation of the PowerSchool Gradebook which offers several highly anticipated (and highly requested) improvements to the gradebook system which are the result of collected teacher feedback over the last several years.  These improvements include… An application written entirely in HTML5, which means no more launching Java to open your gradebook.  This new […]

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Instructional Tech Parent Agreement Forms

As sites continue to move forward with student and parent registrations for the 2016-17 School Year, please be aware that all school sites can continue to use the same URL Link to the online Parent Laptop Contract which your school has used this previous year in order to collect information and update the parent laptop agreement.  All parent […]

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SUSD Email and User Account Changes – Summer 2016

Significant changes to your email and user account will be taking place this summer. Please use this post as a reference and check back periodically for more information. Overview On July 1, 2016, SUSD will migrate away from the current email system and move to our Google Apps for Education email system. Associated with this change […]

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Sunnyside LEARN- End of the Year Routine Maintenance

Please be aware that, as in previous years, all student enrollments to all 2015-16 Sunnyside LEARN course pages will be erased during the first week of July 2016 in order to make way for enrollments for the coming school year.  This includes any STUDENT assignments, writings, test scores…etc. which are stored within your course in LEARN.  This does NOT […]

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Stolen Laptop Reporting- REVISED

Please note that there has been a slight change to the policy process for reporting lost and/or stolen laptops (Dec. 2015).  While the primary responsibility for reporting lost/stolen laptops remains with the parents (as per the Instructional Technology Agreement which was signed at the start of the year), if an incident police report number is NOT turned in […]

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ELEMENTARY Report Card Printing Window- Q4, 2016

In order to avoid potential problems related to finalizing Quarter 4 Grades we have established the following finalization and printing timelines for running report cards at the Elementary Schools.  By making sure that report card runs are staggered appropriately, we can better insure that there is no crossover of data between the respective schools. The […]

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Laptops and Digital Curriculum for Summer 2016

As summer programs commence at the end of this month, we just wanted to take a moment to insure that everyone is clear on the process for teachers checking out class sets of laptops to support their various summer programs. 1. All laptops checked out to support summer school programs will be issued as CLASS […]

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Laptop Collection Forms in PowerSchool

As outlined in the Laptop Collection Process Manual-2016 (page 5), Student Check/Return Laptop Collection Forms can now be printed though PowerSchool which will allow schools to have complete control over the times and cohorts through which collection tickets are printed. You can review directions on how to run the ticket from PowerSchool by clicking on this link. The collection form […]

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Pearson Outage (MyMathLab, Math XL & SuccessNET)

Please be aware that all Pearson digital curriculum products continue to experience connection problems which may cause user connections to timeout or cause slowness when loading pages.  Pearson is aware of these errors and currently has their technical teams working on a solution. We will continue to monitor the situation and will provide you with […]

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