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Requests for Instructional Apps (iPads and Chromebooks)

There are literally thousands of instructional applications developed each year for iPads and Chromebooks which are designed to support the needs of our teachers and students.  However, it is neither possible nor practical for us to attempt to make available ALL of these applications on student devices.  For this reason, we ask that our staff […]

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K-5 Report Cards and Gradebook Finalization: Q1- 2016

The implementation of the new PowerSchool Pro Gradebook has simplified many of the processes for Elementary grade level teachers (K-6) who will be submitting final grades in advance of the end of Quarter 1 (October 6th, 2016). Please remind your teachers that they will need to follow the REVISED DIRECTIONS FOR FINAL GRADE ENTRY (links posted below) to make […]

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Hapara Network Outage- RESOLVED

As some of you may have noticed, connections to a small percentage of classrooms via the Hapara www.teacherdashboard.com site have been offline.  We have confirmed that this was the result of new software which was pushed out by Google late last week (Friday, 9/16).    The hard-working engineers at Hapara have now addressed the issue and all […]

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Staff Password Security- Best Practices

As a school district, we deal with sensitive information and data on many levels.  For this reason, it is essential that SUSD teachers and staff take all necessary precautions to protect the privacy of your district passwords. Please follow the security measure listed below to make sure that you password information remains private.    Protect […]

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Termination of Math XL Services

The Sunnyside Unified School District is committed to providing digital curriculum resources which are designed to meet the instructional needs of our teachers and support the academic success of our students.  When an instructional resource consistently fails to meet these needs, be it the result of poor service or lack of reliability, we must place […]

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Clever Authentication Update

Student log-in service via Clever for Springboard and Conceptua Math should now be restored.  We apologize for this disruption in service and we ask that you contact http://helpdesk.susd12.org if you continue to experience any disruption in service. Thank-you

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Clever Authentication Errors

Please be aware that as of this morning (Thursday, September 8th) some students may be experiencing the following error which may prevent them from being able to log in to Springboard or Conceptua Math… Clever and Google engineers are aware of the issue and are currently working on a solution.  We will provide you with an update as soon […]

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Hapara Rosters Restored

As of 9 p.m. this evening (Tuesday, September 6th) Hapara rosters have been updated from PowerSchool and should now reflect accurate class enrollments for all teacher courses. We will continue to monitor the nightly upload to insure that files are accurate and schedule changes take NO LONGER than 24 hours from their change in PowerSchool […]

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Email Virus Alert

Please be advised that over the weekend an email message containing a virus attachment began to propagate to many SUSD email users. The subject of the message is “Important Document” In the message body it asks you to open the attached document and to sign in with your email to view the document. This message […]

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Issues with the Hapara Data Loader

Please be aware that Hapara is currently experiencing some problems with their Data Loader which may cause some PowerSchool course sections to not show up on your teacher dashboard.  Although this problem does NOT interfere with any of the functionality of those sections which are showing up, engineers at Hapara are currently looking in to the issue […]

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