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Archive for October, 2016

Illuminate Item Bank Back Online

It appears that the DDoS attacks against DynDNS has stopped and they are reporting that all of their systems are operational. As a result, all users should once again have access to all Illuminate systems. We apologize for this outage and we thank you for you patience.

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Illuminate Item Bank is Down

Please be aware that the Illuminate Item Bank is currently off line.  The vendor is aware of the problem and is currently working on a solution ASAP. Please note that this service outage SHOULD NOT impact the ability for students to take assessments or teachers to review data.   Thank-you for your patience.

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Report Card Printing Schedule: Q1 2016

In order to avoid potential problems during the printing of Quarter 1 Report Cards we have established the following finalization and printing timelines for Elementary and Middle Schools.  By making sure that report card runs are staggered appropriately, we can better insure that there is no crossover of data between the respective schools. The window for teachers (grades […]

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Google Cached Profile

If users experience problems related to accessing systems authenticating via their Google profile (e.g. Hapara, Clever…etc), they should follow the directions posted below to insure that their Chrome browser is not pulling from an old (or “cached”) profile… 1. In the Google Chrome browser go to chrome://policy/   From here you can see what the current […]

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