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Amazon Web Servers Down

Amazon’s web hosting services are utilized by thousands of large companies world-wide (including Twitter, Illuminate and Springboard) to store and deliver data.  That means that when Amazon’s servers goes down, a lot of things go down with them. Currently, Amazon servers are reporting “high error rates” which may disrupt users ability to access and download various […]

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GenCyber Day

The NSF-NSA GenCyber Day is designed to introduce high school students to the academic and professional world of cybersecurity. Students will learn strategies, concepts and tools needed to defend against cyber attacks from experts in the field. This FREE GenCyber event is being held on Thursday March 30, 2017 from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm at […]

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Springboard Textbook Resources

Please be aware that if your front office elects to ADD a new ELA or English section to your schedule, you may need to  add the correct Springboard text for your students so that they can access their resources via the My Bookshelf link. You can click on this link for a reminder on how to add books […]

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Springboard Password Error

Due to a user authentication error with Springboard, some students may be prompted to change their password when logging in via CLEVER.  Springboard engineers have acknowledged that this error is at their end and are currently working on a solution. In the meantime, if students are prompted to reset their password (via the notification below) […]

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