Due to a serious incident with email on Friday, March 3rd it was necessary to disable all district email system access and reset all users’ passwords so that the issue could be addressed. (See the email from Dr. Bergman regarding this incident.)
Site technicians and MCTs will be working closely with your school principals to address this issue and provide all district staff members with access first thing Monday, March 6th.  
In order to restore access to district Gmail and PowerSchool services, all SUSD staff members will need to take the following steps to reset your security credentials…
1. You will need to obtain your site specific temporary password from your school principal.  This will be shared with all staff members first thing on Monday, March 6th.
2. Once you have your site password, navigate to http://mypassword.susd12.org where you will be prompted to reenter your district username and temporary password.  
3. You should now be prompted to enter a new password which should restore access to district web services (including Gmail, Google Drive, PowerSchool, Sunnyside LEARN…etc).
When selecting a new password, please remember observing the following tips which will help to keep your personal information secure…
  • Choose a password that no one will easily guess or hack. Don’t use a word or phrase of special importance to you—like a birthday or family member. That’s the kind of information that can be discovered by someone doing a little digging.
  • Do not share passwords. This is an open invitation to your online accounts, and it’s often exploited to accomplish online identity theft.
  • Make sure your password is long. It should be at least eight-to-10 characters long, and longer passwords are even more secure.
  • Use at least one capital letter and one lowercase letter in your password. The capital and lowercase letters should not be grouped together. Mixing them up makes the password more difficult to predict.
  • Create a sentence or phrase as the basis for your password. This is a useful starting point for making a password that’s complex and difficult to guess while easy for you to remember.  This phrase should include a combination of capital letters, numbers and special characters.

We take the security of your personal confidential information very seriously. We are working with our legal counsel to determine what additional steps we may want or need to take. One of the steps that Superintendent Holmes has directed be taken is that the District acquire one year of identity theft protection from Identity Force Theft Protection for every SUSD employee whose information may have been exposed, at no cost to the employee.  The service will include ID monitoring, credit card application monitoring, one million dollars of protection and fully managed ID restoration services if necessary.

The Human Resources department will be providing additional information to employees on how to activate this service as soon as it is available.