You may notice that when students launch their Chromebooks, there is a new tab on their browser.  The Clever Instant Log-In Page makes it easy for students to access all of their digital curriculum as it saves all of the students’ passwords in a single app.

Certain applications (such as Springboard and Conceptua) allow students to jump right into their content with a single click.  Other applications (such as Mindplay and Illuminate) will require that students enter their district username and password ONLY the first time the students logs into the program.  Once a student has validated their account after the first log-in, the dashboard will remember the credentials every time after that and allow students to access these programs with a single click on the icon.

REMEMBER that you can print out log-in cards for your students to assist with this “first time” log-in by following the directions posted here.  While this Clever Dashboard will make it much easier to get your students logged into their curriculum, it is important to remember that this method is optional and teachers and students will still be able to log-in via the original link if they so choose (or in the event that there are any problems with the Clever dashboard).

As more digital curriculum icons are made available, we will continue to expand the number of curriculum systems which are a part of the portal.  We encourage you to reach out to us via the site if there are any digital curriculum resources which you would like added for your classrooms.