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Google DRIVE & Classroom Outages

Please be aware that Google DRIVE and Google Classroom services are experiencing intermittent outages this morning (Thursday, September 7th).  These service disruptions are NOT related to the current issues impacting PowerSchool.

Google engineers are aware of the issue and are working on a solution ASAP.  Please note that you can monitor the status of Google services by visiting the G Suite Dashboard (linked here).

Thank-you for your patience.

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PowerSchool outage 09/06/17

PowerSchool is experiencing another outage this morning.

Despite repairs that were applied last night the system continues to experience sporadic outages. We are working with PowerSchool engineers to continue to address the issue at highest priority. We will send an update when resolved.

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PowerSchool Outages 09/05/2017 Continued…

We are continuing to experience sporadic PowerSchool outages similar to the one that occurred earlier today.

The first outage occurred at 11:45AM and was resolved at 1:10PM. The second outage occurred at approx. 2:20PM and persists to now.

Due to the nature of these outages we are taking the system offline for the remainder of the day to allow us to work with PowerSchool engineers to resolve this completely. We expect PowerSchool to be available by tomorrow morning.

Please check the this blog for updates on this issue and subscribe to receive updates via email as they are posted.

We apologize for the inconvenience this is causing and are making every effort to resolve this as quickly as possible.

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PowerSchool Outage Resolved at 1:10PM

UPDATE – The PowerSchool issue described below has been resolved. The system should now be responding normally. Please contact the HelpDesk if you see any continued issues.

Please be advised that PowerSchool is currently experiencing extreme sluggishness and occasional non-responsiveness.

This issue began to occur today 09/05/17 at 11:45AM.

We are working on the issue and will post and update once the issue is resolved and the system is operating normally.

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PowerSchool outage 09/05/2017 11:45AM ** RESOLVED at 1:10PM

UPDATE – The PowerSchool issue described below has been resolved. The system should now be responding normally. Please contact the HelpDesk if you see any continued issues.

Please be advised that PowerSchool is currently experiencing extreme sluggishness and occasional non-responsiveness.

This issue began to occur today 09/05/17 at 11:45AM.

We are working on the issue and will post and update once the issue is resolved and the system is operating normally.

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Progress Reports- Q1 2017

For schools who are planning on printing progress reports to send home for next week, please be aware of the following updates.

Teachers in Grades K-5 should complete the following progress report template posted below to send home with students.

K-5 Progress Report ENGLISH

K-5 Progress Report SPANISH

REMEMBER that RAPS levels will not be displayed on the progress reports.  Instead, progress in Reading Foundations will be communicated in the same manner as ELA and Math, using the REVISED rubric scale listed below…

Progress Scores

4= Highly Proficient

3= Proficient

2= Partially Proficient

1= Minimally Proficient

All other students (grades 6 through 12) should have their progress reports printed using the appropriate PowerSchool Report via your http://powerschool.susd12.org/admin dashboard.

Grade Level                                                          P.S. Report Name

Grade 6 (ELEMENTARY)                                    Elem Grade 6- Progress Report

Grade 6 (MIDDLE SCHOOL)                              MS Student Progress Report QTR 1

Grades 7-8                                                               MS Student Progress Report QTR 1

Grades 9-12                                                             HS Student Progress Report SEMESTER 1 ONLY

Reminder to Teachers

Please remember for grades 6-12 that since progress grade reports print directly from the grades recorded in PowerTeacher Pro, you should remind teachers of the following…

  1. Make sure that all student assignment scores are filled in and that no fields are left blank on your scoresheet.  The scoresheet will treat any empty cell as an “exempt” grade and the assignment will not be factored in to the students’ final grade until a value is placed in the field.
  2. Before progress reports are printed, teachers should update their scores by clicking on Settings and then selecting the Recalculate Final Grades option.  This will insure that all scores are updated and included within the student’s grade.
  3. Teachers can confirm that grades are accurate by clicking on Grading and then selecting Scoresheet.  Whatever is listed within the Grades column is what will print on the progress report when it is run by your front office.

Administrators:  Remember that you can see when the last time a teacher has updated information in their gradebook from your PowerSchool Dashboard by clicking on System Reports-> sqlReports5 -> Grades -> Grades Last Entered

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Springboard Highlighting and Annotation Errors

Springboard has acknowledged errors impacting certain users within the grade level digital textbook.  These errors appear to be impacting students attempting to save and add annotations within the book.  Please not the statement from Springboard posted below regarding these errors…

Saving in the book is instant, so as soon as the student hits the save button, it should show as saved. If, after the save button has been hit, the saved work disappears, please follow these steps to capture browser error messages.

In Chrome, select the three vertical dots in the upper right corner, select more tools, then developer tools. That will open an error console log. You can screenshot any errors found there, and send them to http://helpdesk.susd12.org

Then try refreshing the page and saving the answer again.

When submitting the ticket, please include the teacher and student usernames, the book information, and the activity and question #. We will also need the browser version number. That Console log is also very helpful in determining the source of issues. A separate ticket for each instance will help us see the scope of the issue, and determine if there are issues that affect different books/activities.

I know that teaching is your primary purpose, but when issues occur, we need as much information as possible to determine the source of the issue. We want to make this work as smoothly as possible for you and your students, and the faster we can get to the root of the problem, the sooner we can replicate it, and then devise a fix.

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Pearson SuccessNet/Realize Online Math Text

In order to support math instruction for secondary courses Algebra I, Algebra II and Geometry, we have made online textbooks and resources available through Pearson Education for the 2017-18 school year.  Directions for accessing these resources for Teachers and Students can be found posted below…

For Teachers

Your PowerSchool rosters have been automatically set up for you via the EasyBridge system.  Simply follow the directions below to access…

  1. Log in to your PowerSchool dashboard at http://powerschool.susd12.org/teachers
  2. In the upper-right hand corner of the page, click on the Applications link.
  1. Select the Pearson Courses application
  2. From the Pearson dashboard you can view all of your sections and rosters as well as access your teaching resources.
  • Pearson eText for Schools is a .pdf version of the print text book (best for printing hard copies)
  • Pearson Realize is the digital version of the online textbook which also allows you to assign learning tasks to students and schedule assessments based on student progress.
  • SuccessNET is your digital teacher dashboard for ALL Pearson functions within that section where you can track and monitor student progress and manage all aspects of the online learning platform.

Teachers can modify which resources are available to their students by clicking on the Manage Products tab on their dashboard.

For Students

Students can access all of their online resources for the course via their PowerSchool dashboard by selecting Pearson Courses along the left side of the page…

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Easy Verification for Parent Contracts

Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to collect parent signatures on your Instructional Technology Contract as is outlined within the Laptop Deployment Manual for 2017.

We are please to announce that we have now made it much easier to review a list of completed parent contracts within your classrooms.  To see a list of students who still need to have their contract signed, simply visit the Parent Contract Verification Page (linked here).  

Once you have entered your district credentials, you will be able to sort your completed parent contracts by teacher and class period roster by using the filters along the top of the page (see below).

This will provide you with a complete list of students who have yet to complete their online parent contract within this class (see below).

Please note that if a parent contract status is listed as “Not found” on the page, this could mean one of two things;  either the parent has not yet signed the parent contract OR the parent contract does not contain the accurate student matric number.  

If you suspect that later is the case, you can confirm that the contract has been signed by checking the spreadsheet pages (linked below) and matching the student and/or parent name.

Digital Driver’s License Completion

The other requirement to laptops going home with students is the completion of the Digital Driver’s License in class.  Student completion of this step can also easily be confirm by following the directions posted below.

Students in grades K-5 simply need to work through the lessons with their teacher who will then confirm that their class has completed the sessions.  You can see if a specific student has participated in this process by going to the Administration block in the DDL and selecting Users -> Groups (see below).

Students in grades 7-9 will need to pass the final DDL Quiz with a score of 60% or better before taking the laptop home (this can be done either individually OR as a whole class group).  You can verify which students have passed the quiz by following the steps below.

From the DDL course page, scroll to the bottom and click on the DDL Quiz link (see below).

Click on the link which shows the total number of attempts.

You can now filter by the grade level group, as well as the status of the quiz (i.e. enrolled users who have NOT attempted the quiz, OR users who have attempted but have not passed).

Remember to click on the blue Show Report button along the bottom of the page when you are done.

Again, big thanks to everyone who has taken the time to make sure that both the Parent Contract as well as the student Digital Driver’s License have been completed and please do not hesitate to let us know if there is anything we can do to help facilitate this process.

Sites can review current DDL Completion Rates by clicking this link for the most recent information.

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Pearson SuccessNet/Realize Math Courses Online

High School Math course sections which utilize the Pearson Algebra I, Algebra II & Geometry curriculum via the Realize platform have now been uploaded for the 2017-18 school year and are ready to go.

Teachers can access this curriculum via their PowerSchool login.

  1. From your PowerTeacher dashboard, click on the Applications link in the upper-right corner of the page.
  2. Click on the Pearson Courses application from the list.                                                         
  3. Select the appropriate course from the list on your dashboard.
  4. You can check your class list by clicking on the Student Roster button next to the appropriate section within your dashboard.  If there is no textbook associated with your course, you can click the Add Products or Manage Products button to see which book is associated with that class.

STUDENTS also have the ability to access the online textbook via their http://powerschool.susd12.org/public dashboard.  After logging in, they simply need to select the Pearson Courses icon along the left side of the page (see below).

If you experience any issues with student rosters not showing up for your course, please let us know via http://helpdesk.susd12.org

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