How to Boot a PC from a USB


  1. Make sure you have a bootable USB. If you don’t go to this Page.
  2. Once you have a bootable USB. Plug your USB in and turn your PC OFF. 
  3. Turn your PC ON AFTER IT IS COMPLETELY OFF. Press F10, to get into your boot legacy. Your Boot Legacy shows all ways to boot from your PC, however to get to boot legacy’s it may be different for some PC.
  4. Click on your USB drive

From there follow the steps to setup windows or to boot from windows.

How to make a bootable USB

  1. You will need to get an ISO. You can do a simply search on any browser, “Windows 8, 7 or 10 ISO Disk.” Once you do buy a download version of the ISO and they will send you a download link
  2. You will need a Program to make it simpler. Click the download link.
  3. Run the program and you will get a window like this:Capturess
  4. In step 2, Scroll down to “Other or Non Linux Based Software”Capturess
  5. Click “Browse” and look for your ISO file that you downloaded
  6. In step 3, Select your Flash Drive
  7. Then Click Create

Tool’s Used

What we get to do in tech is fix laptops that students break or the ones that suddenly stop working. We fix Screens, Keyboards, etc. We have a choice of what we want to fix , I personally and probably other tech members think that the screen is probably the easiest to replace out of all the part in a computer but also depends what computer you fix.

First / Most Important Precautions

In Tech Team us students know the importance of our safety as well as the people around us so we try to take precaution and think about what could happen when you are not taking safety measures around things that use electricity. For example instead of using electric screw drivers we go old school and use the ones that are not electric like the screwdrivers,pliers and screws.


The students in tecg team have learned about reimaging the computers at the end of the school year so the laptops will be ready for the upcoming school year. At the begining of the year we do deployment, we go through an easy process because we have learned over the years how to make the process move along faster. To begin deployment we have the student pass through the tech room to collect the laptop we will be giving the student. We then give them their charger and scan the two together, so it will be checked out to the student. 

End of the year laptop collection blog

At the end of the year we collect the laptops that were displayed in the beginning of the year. We collect the laptops in a process. First,  we have the students take out their laptops and chargers out of their case and put the items on top of their case. Next, they go to sit and wait to be assisted by IT’s, the IT’s check to see if the laptops, chargers and case are damaged. If the computers are damaged by a student, the student will get charged. The way the charging people works is if it is an accident they only pay $25, but if they break it on purpose then they charge them full price for what ever part they broke. Then, they go and check in their laptops and chargers. Finally, they take their laptop and charger to the students that are helping out so the students can put them away and organize it and then take their case to other students so those students can put the cases away and organize them also. Then they head back to class and continue what they were doing before.  

Things that we do in Tech Team

                In Tech Team we are a talented and determined group of students that are very experienced with fixing broken parts. Tech Team students have a variety of choices on what they can do. We can fix broken screens, keyboards, motherboards, and ect. We also work on help desk tickets, which are papers that are filled out by the student that has an issue. We have also learned how to order new parts for the laptops we need to fix.

Tech Team Saftey Procedures

                           Tech Team students have learned that safety is number one so when we’re working on laptops we know we have to unplug everything and make sure the power is off so we don’t get electrocuted. These are some tools we use in Tech Team screwdrivers, pliers, and screws.

what to do when your key board is not working? (Chromebooks)

Step 1: Take your laptop to your school Tech service or do it your self

Step 2:Take off all the screws on the bottom side of the computer and open it.

Step 3: Check if the keyboard wire is connected or not.

Step 4:If wire is not connected then connect it.

Step 5:Put the computer back together and put in all the screws in.

Step 6:open the laptop and check if keyboard is working if it is Have a Good Day

Info On What We Fix On A Daily Basis

Challengers Tech Team is a determined and skilled group of students that are very hard working. We have learned lots of information about our school laptops over the years. We have the ability to fix almost anything on the student chromebooks and over the years we have all become advanced in some of these parts. Some of the parts that tech kids fix on a daily basis include hard drives, keyboards, motherboards, and ect. Also when a student comes into the tech room they must fill out a paper called a help desk ticket the tech team have learned what must go on this paper and where it must go.