Common Questions for interested applicants:

What is Tech Team?
Tech Team is a student group that works on troubleshooting for students and teachers in a school setting. Students are responsible for assisting in the maintance of school devices (Macs, Chrome Books, HP’s) and running student/teacher technology development classes.

Why should I join?
Tech students are offered hands on training, opportunities for certifications, take on site leadership roles, further develop soft skills and more.

What are Tech Team Student Expectations?
-Maintain a ā€œCā€ average
-Show great citizenship and attendance
-Demonstrate interest in a technical career path
-Customer service skills
-Take direction to complete and document tasks

What happens in the Tech Team Program?
-Students problem solve to troubleshoot and repair devices
-Students design and create strategical systems
-Students build their communication skills.
-Students learn and use appropriate technology terminology
-Students further develop: communication, critical thinking, ethics, organization, self-esteem, creative thinking, decision making, evaluation, problem solving and team work skills.
-Students collaborate and network with students from various sites.
-Students receive training from District and outside tech professions.

What is the process to join? (click below for access)
-Group & Individual Interview: As part of the tech team you are required to work with peers. You and your peers will be provided with a situation and need to organize a strategy to solve the challenge.
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